Swim Meet Volunteers

Parent Volunteer Commitments

We ask each family to donate a six-pack of water bottles, soda, or Gatorade per swimmer at each home meet.  

Each meet requires approximately 60 workers – it’s a big effort but very rewarding!  Meet management is the responsibility of every parent.  If your child is swimming in the meet, we require that a parent work at least one-half of the meet. Below is a description of each volunteer position. Most positions require you work one-half of a meet.  Reach out to Katie Meyer for more information about specific job responsibilities.

There are several volunteer positions that require official training by RMAL. RMAL conducts the training at the beginning of every season.  If you trained for a position last year, you still need to attend training this year, per RMAL.  The training is easy, free and only one session.  Please consider stepping up to these important positions! 

See some helpful definitions of positions here.

Swim Meet Volunteer Positions Required

These Positions Require Officials RMAL Training

Referee: (1) Senior official responsible for the overall conduct of the meet and for all other officials at the meet.  Serves for the entire home meet.  Home meets only.

  • Starter: (1) Next most senior official; responsible for starting each race.  Serves for half of the meet.  Home meets only.
  • Stroke & Turn:(4 or more) Ensure that the swimmers use the proper stroke technique and that all turns and finishes are legal.  Serve for half of a meet- both home and away meets.
  • Head Computer Person: (1) Operates the computer at all home meets. Prints results and ribbon labels during the meet, prints reports and packs up the computer at end of meet.
  • CTS Operator: (1) Operates the Colorado Timing System during the meet, which records the times of all the swimmers.
  • Computer Assistant: (1-2) Assists the head computer person input times from the swimmers’ cards into the computer.
  • Clerk-of-Course: (1) This person controls the entire pace of the swim meet. He/she places the swimmers in heats and sends them to the blocks for their swims.

These Positions Require No RMAL Training
You will receive training at the Mock Meet and/or prior to volunteering at a meet.

  • Timers: (12-18) These people are responsible for timing and recording the time of the swimmers assigned to their lanes.
  • Table Workers: (1) These volunteers are responsible for sorting the swimmers’ cards, verifying
    the times from the computer printout and attaching labels to the winners’ ribbons.
  • Clerk-of-Course Helpers: (4) Assist the Clerk-of-Course sort swimmers’ cards, pass out these cards after they are seeded and arrange the swimmers in their designated lanes prior to the event.
  • Announcer: (1) This person announces the events, winners, results and any other meet information.
  • Runners: (2 per half) These volunteers deliver cards to and from judges, timers, table workers, computer workers, clerk-of-course, and announcer.
  • Concession Food Table: (4) These volunteers are needed to sell and serve food from our grill and Snack Shack.
  • Concession Cashier: (4)  These volunteers are needed to take food orders and run the cash register.
  • Mite Parent: (3-4) These parents help keep track of all mini-mites and mites in the clerk-of-course area and assist them with their cards. It is the responsibility of each mini-mite and mite’s parents to get these swimmers to the Mite Parent. This can be accomplished much more easily if the mini-mites and mites stay together in one area.
  • Heat ribbons/candy: (1) This volunteer is present after each heat to give that winner a heat ribbon and piece of candy.