What is Champs?

The Championships meet (Champs) is held the week after the last meet of the season.  For 2017, Champs will be held on July 24 and 25 at GRAP.  Swimmers must individually qualify for championships by breaking a certain time in each event.  By the end of the season, if no swimmers in a certain age bracket from our team have qualified for champs in a specific event, the fastest swimmers for that event are asked to swim championships.  Each swimmer can swim a maximum of 3 individual events and two relays in champs.  Swimmers can also go to champs solely to swim a relay if they haven’t qualified for an individual event.

“Champs” occurs over two days.  The first day of competition is for the 10 years old and under swimmers (midgets and mites);  the second day is for 11 years old and up swimmers (juniors, intermediates, seniors).  Individual results are posted at

Like all meets, champs is organized by a heat sheet, which is a list of all the events of the meet, the heats of each event, and the lane assignments for all competing swimmers.

The most important thing about champs is to have fun! This is the final meet of the season and gives your swimmer(s) the opportunity to show all the progress they’ve made after a season’s hard work and practice!

Champs fees for 2017 is $16 for each swimmer competing in individual events, regardless of how many events.  Swimmers who are only competing in relays have no fees.